I wish I wasn’t here!

I can hardly sleep, people snoring and kicking me with their legs. The steamboat should have arrived by now, this place is crowded and loud. I feel very uncomfortable here, the sound of rain is loud. How can they sleep in these conditions? When will this boat arrive? I found a matchbox on the floor alongside a bottle cap, maybe I can store memories in some matchboxes that I find on the ground where ever I go.

Adults War and Children Die

This artwork above is done by a famous man called Banksy. Who is he? Banksy is a famous street artist and politician activist. What is he famous for? He is famous for the art he made, like the girl with balloon.
He was born in the United Kingdom on 28 July 1974.
The artwork also tells us about about the separation of the Israeli and Palestinian people. This is relevant to the events that are happening, in Israel and the Gaza strip where the war is impacting on the lives of the innocent children…Adults war and children die.

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